'First Sunday' Music-less Trailer Makes For Wonderful Discomfort

December 26, 2007


Normally I wouldn't recommend this just-what-you-think-it-is Ice Cube/Tracy Morgan comedy (unless you think it's another chapter in the Friday series, which it's surprisingly not) except to reassure your lack of faith in humanity, but something very magical has happened. In a Christmas miracle, the wrong version of the First Sunday trailer has been uploaded to the Apple site, and it lacks any musical soundtrack. A typical dumb comedy has now been made seriously uncomfortable, accentuating the awkward cuts and making the superfluous cartoon sound effects sound even more like the desperate cries of a pleading infant. Hurry and watch this beautiful mistake before it's corrected.

As a bonus, some posters in the Something Awful forums have added their own soundtracks, which are either hilariously mismatched or sadly appropriate in their record screeches.

First Sunday Trailer [Apple]

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