First Three Minutes of 'Cloverfield'

December 14, 2007


With non-stop monster destruction, huge explosions, and shaky handheld camera, Cloverfield looks to be the #1 movie of next year that your mom would hate. For me, it would be something like this:

"What is this, a rich party? I thought this was monsters."

"Mom, shhh."

"Is his a home movie? I didn't pay to see a camcorder show. Wait... did you make this? Is this one of your movies?"

"No, Mom. Please, be quiet."

"What is all this terrible noise? All this shaking camera is making me sick. I'm going to wait in the car. You have fun with your Draculas movie."

So, I guess my point is to watch this preview, but don't take your mom. Just have her drop you off and pick you up, like usual. Thanks for the tip, Dave.

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