Five Unappetizing Minutes of 'The Golden Compass'!

December 4, 2007


Yahoo's preview of the first five minutes of The Golden Compass comes off like an appetizer sampler at Applebee's, a sad, unfulfilling attempt at whetting my appetite with blandness and some fancy garnish that somehow manages to be both not enough and too much, all at once.

Am I meant to be most impressed that it takes half the time to explain that, in this world, there's some kind of golden compass that does something very non-specific (finds hidden things?), that children speak through dull dialogue, or that dust there is very old? At least it gives a peak at the CGI animals that house the souls of the people of this world. With uncomfortably fluid movement, they still look worse than most of the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park, but remain passable enough that a new generation, unexposed to Beastmaster, will again be begging for pet ferrets.

The Golden Compass 5-Minute Preview [Yahoo!]

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