'Hottie and the Nottie' Trailer Ruins Christmas

December 21, 2007


Even after the horrendous poster yesterday, the trailer to The Hottie and the Nottie has somehow managed to outdo itself in detestability. If we're meant to root for the guy to get with the leper (the "nottie), shouldn't Paris Hilton (the "hottie", I suppose) be at least as obnoxious as she actually is? It's not that Golem-with-acne-and-octogenarian-thighs isn't a brilliantly crafted, nuanced character; it's just hard to find hope for her dating situation when she's flinging infected toenails around willy-nilly, all while Hilton is acting genuinely noble towards her friend's plight.

Maybe their whole point is that, with enough effects makeup and snot gags, someone could temporarily seem less appealing than Paris Hilton. But in the end, you'll always come to realize--even when she's balding and covered in sores--the tomboy from Step-by-Step is still less likely to spread her problems to your bathing suit parts.

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