McGregor Playing Carrey's Prison Love Buddy

December 18, 2007


After the success of Brokeback Mountain, I fully expected a slew of heterosexual actors to come out of the woodwork to show that they too would kiss a dude if it meant a possible Oscar nomination. Back in June, Jim Carrey announced he'd be doing just that, joining the cast of I Love You Phillip Morris, the story of a man finding surprisingly consensual love behind bars. Now Ewan McGregor has signed on to play the titular love interest.

At first, the true story of guys falling in love in prison seemed like too easy a premise to me. Much crazier stuff happened in pretty much every episode of Oz, and in that world it would definitely end in a shanking. But now that they're explaining the methods the guy used to escape from prison, I'm getting more interested:

His love for Morris motivated his escape from prisons four times, once by using a green pen and bucket of water to change his prison outfit into what appeared to be surgical scrubs, another time by faking his death from AIDS and signing his own death certificate. Morris eventually got out, but Russell's escapades got him a 144-year sentence.

Seriously, making your clothes look vaguely like scrubs can get you out of prison? How does that work? "Hey, guards, I'm just a surgeon wearing scrubs that looks suspiciously like a prison uniform. Don't know how I got here. So could you let me, a non-criminal surgeon, out?"

"Oh yeah, definitely. Weird how a surgeon stumbled in here, but these things happen. Good day, doctor."

After hearing of this and the recent Shawshank Redemption-style prison break in Jersey, I'm starting to think anyone who stops sexually assaulting for a few minutes can manage to escape from prison.

Carrey finds his 'Love' interest [Variety]

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