R-Rated 'Harold and Kumar 2' Trailer Surprisingly Funny, Mutant-Filled

December 5, 2007


I like that in the first scene of the trailer, apparently picking up nearly immediately after the conclusion of the first film (a la Halloween 2), there are already two instances of "continuity porn." HA! They DID eat 30 burgers and four orders of fries at the end of the first movie! Ha-HA! Kumar WAS unusually preoccupied with the grooming of one's pubes! Those H&K fans do enjoy their call-backs!

Thank God they're building off the trend started by Walk Hard and taking full advantage of the particular freedoms of the "red band" trailer. "F***"s abound, both spoken and typeset! Plus, the debut of Missi Pyle's cycloptic, should-have-been-aborted offspring! Inbreeding enthusiasts, rejoice!

And, as terrible as the likeness may be, George W. Bush pawing the air, stoned and giggling, "'Cock-meat sandwich!' That's my favorite!" is a surprisingly humorous example of this sequel's apparent ambitions to top the original in scope while still continuing the story and rehashing beloved bits. What started as a stoner movie about eating cheeseburgers has now evolved into a diatribe on the American government.

And the ballsy title had better not change. It just might pave the way for Dude, Where's My Enlisted Son's Corpse?

Red Band Harold and Kumar 2: Escape from Guantanamo Bay Trailer [First Showing]

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