'Sex and the City' Trailer Set in Post-Apocalyptic Fashion-verse

December 7, 2007


After a three-year hiatus that left us with a hole in our hearts the shape of a horse's head, Sarah Jessica Parker, the old slutty one from Mannequin, the one with brown hair, and the ostrich-looking one have returned to screens to talk about men and, you know, date and wear stuff.

I appreciate that it provides a vision of exactly what it would look like if Sarah Jessica Parker's torso was consumed by a flower, but did we need to see her clad only in underwear and a cardigan? No. No, we didn't. Warning: it looks like the corpse of a reverse-centaur at a Victoria's Secret show.

An insincere thanks to everyone who sent this.

Sex and the City Trailer [AOL Movies]

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