'The Duchess' Trailer is Mediocre, Totally Oscar-Worthy

December 27, 2007


Another cliched tale of a pretty girl forced to marry one man--who's clearly an asshole--when she loves another? I'll pass. Wait a minute, you say she'll be wearing a big puffy dress? Like with hoops and stuff? Giant, elaborate coiffures, too, you say? Don't tell me there will be candelabras. F*** you, there will be candelabras?! Well, but if there won't be frumpy guys in starched George Washington wigs... Wait, seriously?!

My point: why is an extremely mediocre story suddenly made to seem Oscar-worthy if it's set somewhere between the 17th and 19th century? And even if critics somehow hate it, it will still be nominated for Best Costumes. Puffy dresses. Yeah, that's really good. I've never seen that before. How on earth did you get it so puffy? Is that just a lot of fabric, and you puff it out somehow? Wow, that's something. You definitely need to be awarded something for making so many puffy dresses.

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