'The Happening' Poster Has an Expected Twist Ending

December 7, 2007


"We've Sensed It. We've Seen the Signs." Get it? It's like his old movies! Except they forgot a few. To correct the issue, mentally add the below text to the poster.

"We've Watched It Unable To Be Broken, But Likely Forgot About That.
We've Stayed In The Village, Then Walked Out Angry.
We Didn't Even Bother With Lady In The Water. Seriously, These Cars Have More People In the Seats Than That Shit Did. Hey-Ohhhh!
And How About That American Express Commercial? That Sure Isn't Winning Any Oscars. Unless They Make One For 'Most Self-Indulgent Douche.' Am I Right, People?"

The Happening Poster [Coming Soon]

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