Watch First 10 Minutes of 'Walk Hard', or Don't

December 10, 2007


Unsure if Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story will be a hilarious laugh-em-up or just an obnoxious string of penis-euphemism-as-a-name jokes? Then either enjoy or despise this ten-minute preview, depending on how it pans out for you.

Personally, I'm going to avoid viewing the beginning until the theater. Sure, watching could give you a peek at things to come, and let you know if you really want to commit to two-hours of the same, but there's something not right about it. Like accidentally choosing a disgusting beer at the bar, or stupidly admitting you were available the day an acquaintance had to move, I feel starting to watch a bad movie is a mistake that should still be seen to its completion, however painful.

But do as you please, philistine.

First Ten Minutes of 'Walk Hard' [Rock Like Cox]

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