'You Don't Mess With the Zohan', Especially if This Trailer is the Result

December 13, 2007


This trailer to You Don't Mess With the Zohan is everything you'd hope for from an Adam Sandler movie-meets-Borat-meets-hairstyling. Hilarious, mildly offensive accents galore, increasingly ludicrous antics, the requisite mildly-retarded Rob Schneider character--it's got everything you hated from Waterboy and more! It's also probably what a Bollywood adaption of Shampoo would resemble, only with more random dance numbers.

Apparently, the largest consequence of messing with the Zohan is another terrible, sentence-titled comedy from the director of I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.

You Don't Mess With the Zohan Trailer [Yahoo!]

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