AM Poster Post: 'Made of Honour', with a 'U'

January 23, 2008


As grateful as I am that they've updated the international Made of Honor poster to include evidence of Dempsey's full torso, it's a sad eye-opener to realize how differently they're marketing this movie abroad.

In countries where honor is spelled with a "u" (as seen above), the joke is: This guy's the maid of honor, yet he's trying to stop the groom!? This sounds like a wacky, mixed-up love triangle! Also, he's both literally and figuratively pushing him out of the picture! Good pun.

In the United States (as seen here), the joke is: A man as a maid of honor?! WTF??? And good pun with the "unbridaled" thing.

My point is that, as astute as he is at realizing critical differences between genders, we need to stop letting Tim Allen design movie posters. Also, neither version has answered the nagging question of why "maid" is spelled "made". I get that it's a pun, but a pun typically makes sense in some way. How he he made of honor?

Made of Honor International Poster [IMPA]

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