AM Poster Post: 'Step Up 2 the Streets' Poster Discoveries

January 8, 2008


New, fascinating discoveries from the Step Up 2 the Streets poster:

- It's apparently called Step Up 2 the Streets. (I stupidly thought it was just called Step Up 2.) Now it's less like a pointless sequel, more like a pointless text message.

- How She Move is still a different movie, but barely.

- Step Up 2 the Streets takes place in a rain-drenched dance nebula.

- This is probably what it would look like if Blue Man Group directed a Doritos commercial.

- The most intense dance competition will likely involve you, your evil dance doppelgänger, and a parody of a Jaime Kennedy parody.

- One of the most popular dances competitions is Limbo vs. Creepy Groping.

- It's not where you're from.

- It's where you're at.

Step Up 2 the Streets Poste [IMPA]

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