'Cloverfield' Wins Weekend Box Office

January 21, 2008


1. Cloverfield - With $41 million, it really stomped the competition! Or how about, a monstrous win for Cloverfield? Or maybe, Cloverfield's weekend not as shaky as its camera? Cloverfield doesn't need its hand-held to win weekend? Whichever is most ridiculous.

2. 27 Dresses - $22.4 million, or about $830,000 per dress.

3. The Bucket List - Another $15.2 million proved it's the hot destination for baby boomers looking for something without "that awful shaky camera."

4. Juno - With another $10.3 million, next year's "this year's Little Miss Sunshine" will now be "this year's Juno," which is this year's Little Miss Sunshine.

5. National Treasure: Book of Secrets - Y'say Ghos' Rider is back hunnin' fer treasure?! Shoot, I'd collectively pay $8.1 million t'see that, y'all!

Conspicuously absent, but deservedly so: Mad Money, Alvin and the Chipmunks (finally).

Weekend Box Office Estimates [Box Office Mojo]

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