First Look: Disney's Princess of New Orleans, Which Makes Perfect Sense

January 14, 2008


Following the tragic consequences of Hurricane Katrina, the nation was quick to respond with emergency efforts in the New Orleans region. Emergency aid funds were doled out; volunteers came to help; families were taken in; tribute albums were recorded; Sean Penn showed up. But what will be the contribution that's remembered as most important, most crucial, years from now, possibly when it's released in a special Platinum Edition only in stores for a short time? It could only be Disney's princess of New Orleans' French Quarter, Tiana, star of The Princess and the Frog. This is the first image from the film, where we see Disney is finally expanding its princess lineup to include African-Americans, but, true to form, only in the most exploitive way possible.

First Look at The Princess and the Frog [Coming Soon]

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