'Get Smart' Trailer Missed It By That Much

January 24, 2008


Thanks to Kyle for sending over the disappointing Portuguese trailer to Get Smart. Despite a respectable cast, I'm near abandoning hope for this. At times it looks referential to a fault, with Carell basically doing a half-assed impression of the late Don Adams. Other times, it feels like they let Carell playing himself to the point that the original character is completely abandoned. Either approach might work individually (and sometimes it does), but together it's a jumbled mess, never committing to a style in the fear of alienating either modern Carell fans or fans of the original series. In other words, it's something like you'd expect from the director of classics like Nutty Professor 2 and Anger Management.

They'd have done better to show off more of the supporting cast. The Rock, though distractingly foreheady, is a far more charismatic actor than the cute-but-lifeless Anne Hathaway, as is Carell's fellow Office star David Koechner. And did you realize they somehow got Bill Murray to play an agent? Neither did I, until I looked it up, yet that alone would have been a far more enticing feature to show off than the wink-wink catchphrases they've pieced together into a trailer.

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