'Justice League' Cancellation Could Lead to 'Superhero Gap'

January 18, 2008


Perhaps you've heard of the gender gap--the disparity between the incomes of men and women in the workplace--but did you know there is a far more dangerous gap looming on the horizon, one that could change the shape of our country's action figure assortment for years to come? I refer, of course, to the impending "superhero gap." As reported by Variety, Warner has placed Justice League, its planned DC comic clusterf***--on indefinite hold, leaving a dangerous dearth of Warner superhero movies--a superhero gap, if you will--in its 2009 schedule.

Warner Bros. let the options lapse on the young cast that director George Miller chose to play DC superhero staples. The studio, which had set Tuesday as its greenlight deadline for the pic, confirmed Wednesday the project is on indefinite hold.

With "Justice League" on indefinite hold, the studio has a superhero gap on its 2009 slate; status of the next "Superman" pic is also uncertain.

I have no solution outside of rationing The Dark Knight and Iron Man into short, ten-minute segments until we get past this Warner superhero blackout. And, for the love of god, let's pray we can make it through 2009 without the entertainment of eight or so spandex-clad nobodies delivering corny dialogue.

Thanks for the warning, James.

Warner pulls plug on 'Justice League' [Variety]

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