Quaid Sacrificing Career to Join 'G.I. Joe'

January 29, 2008


I still predict the big screen adaptation of G.I. Joe to go down as a mess of distorted nostalgia and military propaganda told through crummy dialogue and computer effects, but that doesn't mean the casting is all that bad. Dennis Quaid has just been announced as General Hawk, the wise, battle-hardened leader of the team--a look that Quaid naturally embodies in his wizened yet dignified face. He's a great choice. I'll just feel bad for the recently-cast Channing Tatum when he inevitably falls in love with Quaid's daughter and briefly takes control of the Joe team, only to eventually realize that the older leadership of Quaid has valuable experience that his young, hotshot tactics can't compete with, leaving Tatum alone to contemplate his existence over some Peter Gabriel.

Quaid, Tatum enlist in Par's 'G.I. Joe' [Variety]

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