'Shrooms' Trailer is Totally Trippy, Man

January 18, 2008


You know how much fun it is to watch other people do drugs, when you're not doing anything yourself? Pretty great, right? That wonderful feeling of awkward exclusion combined with the realization--like hearing the description of a long, crazy dream--that nothing someone is saying matters outside of their own imagination. What if I said someone combined that with an equally pointless, cliched teen slasher flick? I'm saying just that!

Watch the trailer below the cut, if you aren't already in line at the theater. Wonder if it's actually Jason Mewes or just a character trying desperately to look like him (it's the latter). Note the clever cinematic tricks being used to convey the feeling of actual madness produced by magic mushrooms (is that slight double-vision I detect?). And thank Kyle for finding this gem.

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