'Star Trek' Gets All Viral Marketing Style

January 22, 2008


Man oh man, can't J.J. Abrams just be straight with anything? Why is everything a complicated mystery game with this guy? Looking at the official Paramount Star Trek site, there appears to be nothing but the teaser trailer and, like your ever-in-progress Geocities page, an under construction message... or so it would seem! Click the red light next to "under construction" message and you get sent here, to the worst video feed possible of the Enterprise construction. Despite the technological advancements that allow sophisticated space travel, it seems security camera quality and welding techniques will still remain virtually unchanged, if not worse, in the 23rd century.

Camera 01 is shown as being offline, but I'm pretty sure I saw something flash on it while the page was running in the background. Can anyone confirm this, or was I experiencing some sort of nerd mirage?

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