'Terminator' Starts Annoying Viral Marketing

January 11, 2008


Is the Terminator series--whether it be television, film, or learning computer--getting in on the aggravatingly vague viral marketing bandwagon? God, it looks like it.

A website for EniTech Research has popped up, a company which claims to be capable of taking grainy photos of future streets. As evidence, they've released a video demonstrating their claims, and are asking the public for ways to use the device. (Photos of a future girls' locker room?) Besides the ludicrous concept and the subtle references to Cyberdyne--the company responsible for making future cyborgs built to eliminate humans--pointing to this being a marketing campaign, the presence of Senior Manage Special Projects Anna Kies seals the deal; she's too passably attractive to be a scientist. As we all know, real scientists are ugly nerds.

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