Watch a Scene from 'Yes Man' (Different Than CBS's 'Yes, Dear')

January 11, 2008


In the newfound tradition of giving out Best Screenplay-hopeful scripts for free, here's a page I've constructed of a scene from Yes Man, sure to be a contender in next year's Oscar race.


A man stands on the edge of a building, like how people about to commit suicide do in movies. He is hispanic, chubby, has the face of one of those Muppet ogres--a LUIS GUZMAN TYPE.

Enter our YES MAN. He is Jim Carrey, or maybe Adam Sandler--really, anyone you found moderately amusing in junior high will do.

LUIS GUZMAN TYPE: I'm gonna do it! Don't try and stop me!


LGT: What do you mean, 'OK'?

BOTH: (unintelligible muttering)

YES MAN suddenly has a guitar. He begins singing and playing Third Eye Blind's 1998 hit, JUMPER. LGT joins in, eventually abandoning his suicide plans because of the catchy post-grunge hook.

And, what do you know, here's video of the actual scene.

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