W(Delta)Z Trailer Takes Serial Killing to the Same Level

January 24, 2008


It's like Se7en (right down to its title's obnoxious inclusion of a symbol), only instead of the seven deadly sins, it's based on some kind of algebra equation that I wasn't really paying attention to that will somehow, when it's finished, determine what it takes for people to murder someone they love. The better equation would have determined what it took to get Stellan Skarsgard to star in this poorly-lit rehashing of overused serial killer gimmicks.

If they're getting this desperate for convoluted themes for serial killers to use, here's an idea for the sequel: Each victim is found filled with a dessert substance. Detectives determine he's going through the Hostess lineup, each victim based on a different cream-filled snack cake, and they have to stop him before he reaches the coconut-based ones. It's called Sweet Death, but the t's are Ho-Hos.

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