'What Happens in Vegas' Trailer Shouldn't Have Happened At All

January 21, 2008


Like the recent Laws of Attraction, or any episode of a sitcom in which the main characters go to Las Vegas, What Happens in Vegas begins with the well-established premise that anyone who gets drunk in the state of Nevada will wake up confused, naked, and married. Then, to make things more complicated, newlyweds Cameron Diaz and Kutch win a $3 million jackpot that each claims ownership of. How can they solve this conundrum? Go to court, where, sensibly, Judge Dennis Miller (between hilarious, long-winded one-liners, no doubt) decides that the best movie plot would be to freeze the money and sentence the two to six months of "hard marriage." Makes sense.

From what I could gather from the trailer, apparently the judge also decrees that the first one to leave their unloving marriage will forfeit their share of the money, so the two begin a battle of one-upmanship to drive the other out of the relationship. While their attempts at foiling the other somehow, inevitably, lead to true love, it's the stupidity of these pranks that really tests your patience. Diaz enters the bathroom, we hear a splash, then Kutch--a sly grin across his face--holds up a toilet seat. Who is he showing this to? Me, the viewer? If he's going to break the fourth wall, he might as well go all out and apologize for this mess.

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