Former Dr. Who Steals 'G.I. Joe' Role as Destro

February 12, 2008


David Murray and Chris Eccleston are, respectively, damning and praising immigration services this week, as unforeseen problems in getting in the U.S. have cost Murray the role of G.I. Joe's Destro, a guy with a silver head.

Murray had been announced as the G.I. Joe villain with a silver head in earlier weeks, but his inability to secure a work visa in time meant that Eccleston, former star of Dr. Who, was given the great opportunity to fill-in, taking on the role of a metal-headed man.

It's a huge part for Eccleston, who recently played Claude on Heroes, but had yet to secure a role as anyone with a polished, ornamental head. On the same token, it's a devastating blow to Murray, who may never have the chance to have a smooth chrome skull--at least on film.

G.I. Joe's Destro Has Been Re-Cast [IESB]

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