Gervais, Merchant Reunite for 'Men at the Pru'

February 26, 2008


I'll assume you've all watched the amazing UK The Office and the uneven but satisfying Extras, and, like me, have become ardent fans of creators Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. Thus, you will be excited enough to make slight wheezing sounds when you hear the two are re-teaming for The Men at the Pru, a coming-of-age tale of 20-somethings in the '70s. As Gervais told Radio 1:

They work for the building society and they're having a great time but it's about them coming of age and having to grow up. We went down to the Prudential headquarters and got all this old footage so we're really getting into it.

If this is about a group of 20-somethings, I'm assuming Gervais is out for a lead role, so who do you think they'll get to make us uncomfortably awkward to the point of laughter? Will Prudential have a sad boss convinced of his own comedic abilities?

Gervais, Merchant write 'Men at the Pru' [Digital Spy]

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