Indiana Jones Doing More Hunting for Crystal Skulls, L'espresso

February 13, 2008


I've discovered a fun way to enjoy these new, otherwise pretty boring Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull photos. First, pretend L'esresso is some kind of Italian coffee brand, then imagine a ludicrous scenario in which Indiana Jones has to do crazy things in search of his favorite coffee brand, L'espresso. (Think Mentos and early Diet Coke commercials.) The only catch is, your commercial has to end on one of these freeze frames, followed by a baritone Italian's booming voice shouting, "L'espresso!"*

It's as good a way as any to waste ten minutes

*Bonus points if your commercial includes a shot of Indy replacing a cup of L'espresso on a pedestal with an equivalently weighted bag, or anything with whipping.

Indiana Jones: tre foto dall'Espresso [Bad Taste]

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