Jamie Foxx, Will Smith Compete for Hobo Savant Title

February 7, 2008


The Oscar race is sure to be tight next year, with two serious actors (assuming you ignore all the stupid shit they've done) waging a war of simulated homelessness, each playing a variation of the popular "hobo with a hidden talent" archetype.

Will Smith thought he had a lock on the Best Hobo title with his booze-swigging, superpowered bum in Hancock, particularly with his famously mismatched ski-hat and Hawaiian shirt combo (the homeless can never properly dress for a single season). But now a dark horse has emerged, with Jamie Foxx playing a homeless piano prodigy--and he's schizophrenic! In this shot from The Soloist set, Foxx answers Smith's clashing seasonal attire with several layers of jackets and an outer layer of graffiti-stained day-glo vest, plus the hair of a madman.

Who will win in the end? Probably Foxx, since I just noticed he was dedicated enough to shave his eyebrows off. You know, like homeless schizophrenics do.

On Location: The Soloist [JFX]

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