Kate Hudson Joining 'Big Eyes'

February 6, 2008


America's Second Sweetheart (after Drew Barrymore), Kate Hudson, has signed on to star in Big Eyes, playing the role of Margaret Keane. The painter, famous for her images of Olson-esque waifs with absurdly-large eyes, originally allowed her husband to take credit for her work, eventually leading to a court case over ownership.

I can see this working, actually, so long as they get Matthew McConaughey to play husband Walter Keane. During the trial, the two opposing personalities (Hudson is cute and responsible, McConaughey is a wild slacker) can't stop arguing--or keep their hands off each other's swimsuit-clad bodies! (The trial will take place on a beach or something.) In the end, like in reality, the court finds for Margaret, but to make things more interesting, also nullifies their divorce, sentencing them to "a lifetime of love." Here's some sample dialogue:

Sexy female juror: You know, some people say my eyes are like your paintings.

Matthew McConaughey: You certainly do have some big eyes...

Sexy female juror: Those aren't my eyes you're looking at!

Kate Hudson to star in 'Big Eyes' [Variety]

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