Kutch and JJL Ready to 'Spread'! Like How Legs Do! During Sex!

February 13, 2008


In a no-brainer casting decision that could have just as easily gone the way of Josh Hartnett, Matthew McConaughey, or a convincingly handsome primate, Ashton Kutcher (above, doing something hilarious) has been cast as serial womanizer in a new indie sex comedy, Spread, alongside Jennifer Jason Leigh. It seems obvious enough why Kutch would take the part--otherwise Dane Cook would--but why is Leigh leaving the art house for a sex comedy? Was the irreverent allusion to parting thighs in the title too clever to resist? Or was it simply the chance to meet Kutch, greatly increasing the chance of future freelance Punk'ng?

Well, maybe since they tacked an "indie" on the description this could at least be a fresh and unique take on the genre, right? Probably not:

"Spread," which was put together quickly, beats out of the gate a similarly themed project that Katalyst is developing for Columbia Pictures as a Kutcher starring vehicle.

Unoriginal, rushed, and Kutch'd? I'm there!

Note: Title has been fixed. I have no idea why I typed RLL.

Duo to star in MacKenzie's indie sex satire [Variety]

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