New 'G.I. Joe' Logo Looks Great on Tailgates

February 19, 2008


Found on a banner in Toy Fair this weekend, could this be the logo to the new G.I. Joe film? If so, did someone really design this, or do you think they just took the Chevy Tahoe logo and fixed a couple letters? Is the resemblance to a truck logo intentional, and this is director Stephen Sommer's sly way of admitting his movie will probably resemble a car commercial more than an actual film?

With all the pro-America patriotism in recent years, it seems weird they'd intentionally eliminate the distinct red, white, and blue stripes in the original G.I. Joe logo. Did GM finally get the national colors changed to chrome and mud-splatter? Why did no one tell me?

Is This The Official 'G.I. Joe' Movie Logo [MTV]

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