'Pineapple Express' R-Rated Trailer Good Even Non-Stoned

February 13, 2008


The stoner-buddy-action-comedy genre is not, inherently, a good one. When someone likes weed enough to write an entire movie about being stoned, there's an implication that they were most likely stoned while writing it, meaning there's a good chance the jokes are only funny when stoned. (e.g., in stoned reality, it's f***ed up how birds can fly! In reality reality, birds: not f***ed up.)

I have no evidence whether or not Superbad writers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg were stoned while writing Pineapple Express, but after seeing this trailer, I can safely say it doesn't matter. It pretty much looks really, really good--funny, action-filled, and includes that laugh where you just make a noise. Along with producer Judd Apatow, these guys had already proven their talent, but bringing along indie-favorite David Gordon Green for directorial duties has added a level of naturalism reminiscent of vintage Ivan Reitman.

Highly recommended for viewing, and it's below the cut. (Thanks to everyone who sent this.)

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