Rob Zombie to Zombify Conan the Barbarian?

February 8, 2008


There was a time when Rob Zombie was content in making intolerable noise metal that served as a standardized test for identifying the troubled youths of middle school. They were happier times, when his pseudo-Satanic messages were streamed through headphones and black t-shirts, making them easy enough to ignore. Now, with Zombie intent on proving himself a serious director, it's becoming harder and harder to overlook his efforts at bringing the same mentality to screens, particularly with latest news that he's in talks to direct a Conan movie.

As much of my brain as his lazy Halloween remake killed, certain regions still function, and I couldn't help but ponder what Rob Zombie's Conan the Barbarian might be like. Then, magically, my vision somehow manifested itself on YouTube. I think it will be just like that, except with Tyler Bane as Conan, and probably with some white trash rape.

Rob Zombie to Conquer an Empire [Bloody Disgusting]

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