Venom Stand-Alone Movie Heading to X-Treme Theatres

February 4, 2008


In the same way Spider-Man is the epitome of the radiation-centric superheroes of the '60s, the hero's villainous counterpart, Venom, is an embodiment of everything that was wrong with comics in the late-'80s/early-'90s. It was an era of parachute pants and painfully-acceptable neon, a time when most ideas involved taking something that existed and injecting a shot of "totally xtreme". And so, Spider-Man's greatest foe became, obviously, this really awesome Spider-Man with giant teeth, more muscles, excessive tongue, and crazy black shit flying off him. He was already a pointless addition to the last Spider-Man film, and a movie focusing on the character is about as necessary as the Vanilla Ice movie was, but less timely. But when has that ever stopped Hollywood? From IESB:

Venom fans rejoice, Marvel is moving forward with a new stand alone film, yep you heard right, Venom is coming back to the big screen.

We've confirmed that "the studio" has met recently with several "A list writers" about a spin-off film.

Don't forget to wear your sweetest Rollerblades to opening night. And feel free to adamantly agree/disagree in the comments.

Venom Stand Alone Film Moving Forward [IESB]

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