'Street Fighter' Finds Final Boss

March 20, 2008


With the unavailability of Raul Julia, the latest Street Fighter movie attempt has at last found an actor to fill the jackboots once occupied by The Man Who Would Be Gomez Addams. Disturbingly puffy-faced pretty-boy Neal McDonough, heretofore known to me as shirtless screaming blonde guy in Ravenous, is set to portray the villainous M. Bison to Kristin Kreuk's titular heroine in Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li. As you may recall, McDonough joins an already talent-heavy cast including the jock from American Pie, The Kingpin and a Black Eyed Pea. Look for audiences to whiningly complain McDonough is being f***ing cheap by using the 'Psycho Crusher' move over and over starting sometime next year.

McDonough joins 'Street Fighter' [Hollywood Reporter]

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