Alpha Human Cast in 'Spaced' Remake

March 12, 2008


Did you realize the perfect human has been created in a laboratory? It's true! And he's been cast as the lead in the ill-conceived, Simon Pegg-less American adaptation of the British sitcom Spaced! Fox's head of casting, Marcia Shulman, found Australian über-man Josh Lawson, and described his perfection to the Hollywood Reporter:

We all have been describing him as Matthew Perry meets Robin Williams.

Matthew Perry and Robin Williams--in one body??? Does science know no bounds? Will the lab create a Debra Messing/Kathy Griffin chimera for the female lead, and if so, will Lawson mate with her? God, can you imagine that beautiful, hilarious progeny? You wouldn't be able to look at it without breaking into spontaneous laughter and applause.

Meteoric rise to 'Spaced' [Hollywood Reporter]

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