Apatow's Cohorts Making Muppet Movie

March 13, 2008


Like Peeps or reunion concerts, the Muppets are one of those things that seem really appealing until I actually have a taste. I even went so far as to buy The Muppet Show first season DVD over a year ago, but have yet to come anywhere near finishing them. Every time I pry open Kermit's rectangular torso and pop in the disc, I'm reminded that, despite the endearing characters, there's a limited amount of enjoyment I can derive from a crooning Sandy Duncan. At that point, I have to face the facts: as much as I love The Muppet Show, it really could have used some better writers (and let's not even get into the quality of some of the Muppet films).

Well, it turns out my hope for improved Muppetry may be become a reality, with news that Forgetting Sarah Marshall writer/star Jason Segel and director Nick Stoller have signed on to make a new film with the popular felt cast. And judging by the quality of the trailers for the duo's upcoming comedy, I'd say Segel and Stoller's Muppet film have a good chance at revitalizing the franchise. Or at least make something as good as this Candice Bergen Muppet Show I'm trying to push through.

'Marshall' duo to write, direct film for Disney [Variety]

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