Dolph Lundgren in 'Die Hard' Meets Madonna Concert

March 28, 2008


Now many straight-to-video years after his rise to nearly becoming the next Jean-Claude Van Damme and fall to becoming current Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren has plans to reinvent himself. Say goodbye to '80s action star Dolph Lundgren, hello to modern action star/director making '80s movies Dolph Lundgren.

Currently in post-production on his last acting/directing vehicle, Missionary Man (playing "a mysterious stranger [who] rolls into town on a unique motorcycle"), the Swede has announced plans to direct and star in Command Performance, described as "Die Hard at a rock concert." Set in Ivan Drago's native Russia, Lundgren will play an ex-marine drummer who, naturally, kicks ass after some motherf***ers disrupt the show--an idea he says he got from... Madonna? Since I don't remember a terrorist attack on Madonna's Russian tour, I'll assume the "idea" he means is being old and grossly muscular.

Dolph Lundgren set for 'Command' [Hollywood Reporter]

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