Eddie Murphy IN Eddie Murphy in 'Meet Dave' Trailer

March 25, 2008


How do you adapt the classic alien-fish-out-of-water concept (Suburban Commando, Alien Crocodile Dundee) to suit the established Eddie Murphy-in-multiple-roles format (Norbit, Nutty Professor, most everything since the mid-'90s) we all love so dearly? Simple: have a small, alien Eddie Murphy pilot a larger Eddie Murphy suit (see: that alien from Men in Black, select Calvin and Hobbes strips)--plus, throw in some gay and testicle-impact jokes. Also highlighted in the trailer: a timely and underused Saturday Night Fever parody, animal abuse, and some "look how sassy black people are--even when aliens" scenes that seem to completely contradict the entire premise that the extraterrestrials can't fit in with human society.

The alien/savage/elf-in-the-city genre can never seem to avoid requisite scenes of "how do I shake hands?" and "I don't understand crosswalks!" and Meet Dave is obviously no exception. Based on this knowledge--and the inherent comedic possibilities of small aliens inside an Eddie Murphy suit--here are some other jokes I assume lie within the full film:

- Eddie Murphy-suit has sex; aliens inside crash around with the rocking. Afterwards, shots of both suit and aliens relaxed and smoking.

- Someone tries to mug Eddie Murphy-suit. The aliens pop out of the Eddie Murphy-suit mouth-hatch to offer their wallets, frightening away said mugger.

- Once aliens finally figure out crosswalks, they help an old lady cross the street--by throwing her across with the tremendous strength of the Eddie Murphy-suit!

- More of Chris Tucker screaming, freaking out.

- The implication of a sequel, when the film closes with alien Eddie Murphy proclaiming, "Let's try this again next summer, in a fat woman suit."

Anyone else have some predictions? And does Eddie Murphy really sing along to the overdubbed music at the end? (Thanks for the tip, Kyle.)

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