First Look at Slimmer Biggie of 'Notorious'

March 17, 2008


Need to add a gangsta, largely morose touch to your next party or other social gathering? Then hire Jamal Woolard to "Biggie size" your next event with his spot-on impression of a less-morbidly obese Notorious B.I.G.!

Actually, it's the first in-costume shot from Notorious, starring rapper Jamal Woolard--AKA "Gravy"--as the fat, slain artist. Producer Wayne Barrow says he's excited about the casting, noting that Gravy "has been working hard to capture the spirit of Christopher's character, the soul of the man" (note extended pinky). But does anyone else get the feeling you're just looking at one of those awful celebrity impersonators.*

*As a warning, if you start looking at impersonator photos, you will not be able to stop. Why does this obvious David Letterman look-alike claim he's an Austin Powers impersonator? Why will they not admit this Crocodile Dundee impersonator is actually Paul Hogan, looking for some extra work? What sort of event even calls for Crocodile Dundee impersonators? And there goes my afternoon.

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