Full-Length 'WALL-E' Trailer

March 12, 2008


Pixar has upped their effort to blanket any fading, hazy memories of Short Circuit with images of their smaller, cuter model, today releasing a third and final trailer to WALL-E. Unfortunately, this was also the preview that made me suddenly realize, wait a minute, this would be incredibly stupid if it weren't being acted out by an adorable droid.

How had I never before realized the wacky, slapstick humor over a shallow love story--that seems so charming when animated--is the same schlock that fills the scripts of Rob Schneider movies? And I'm pretty sure the joke where WALL-E is thrown to the back of the shuttle, only to be slammed to the ground when internal gravity is regained, was already done by Harland Williams in Rocketman. Would I still chuckle as WALL-E's hand is crushed by his stronger female companion if the robot were Jack Black, his fingers squeezed between the meaty paws of Gwenyth Paltrow in a robo-fat suit?

Have slick computer graphics tricked the public into falling for what's truthfully a pretty stupid script? Or is the point that these kind of jokes should be reserved for animation, and Pixar knows that? I don't know what to think anymore, but the film definitely got harder to enjoy once I started picturing Will Ferrell playing the part in the naive style of Elf.

'WALL-E' Trailer [Apple]

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