'Ice Age 3' Trailer as Powerful Allegory

March 24, 2008


Though a bit dark and shaky, this bootleg of the Ice Age 3 teaser trailer gives some hope for the seemingly unnecessary sequel. While I had assumed this was just another broad attempt at making some money based on the franchise's baffling popularity, this trailer reveals the film to be a brilliant post-modern examination of the its own creation, told through hilarious, rat-based comedy.

Beginning with a long, swooping shot of a stark arctic landscape--clearly representative of the hopelessly barren mind of the writer--we're eventually reintroduced to that little rat character (i.e., desperation) everyone is so fond of. In his typical, laugh-inducing fashion, Desperation the Rat strains against the cold, biting winds of dignity in the hopes of reaching his precious acorn (a paycheck, obviously). Will he be able to fight the harsh chill of self-respect yet again? Keep watching!

Just when you think dignity has won, freezing Desperation in place, the rat's eyes burst out of the ice and grotesquely distend, stretching towards the prized nut--showing, quite literally, that Desperation will resort to Ren and Stimpy jokes when necessary if it means a payday. And then, when you finally think Desperation has won, the ice falls away underneath him! Has the increasing weight of desperation finally grown too heavy for the ice (the audience) to handle? We'll have to wait and see!

Oh, and there's also a dinosaur, which doesn't seem to make sense at any level.

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