J.C.V.D. on 'J.C.V.D.', Public Shirtlessness

March 3, 2008


MTV has a new interview up with Jean-Claude Van Damme, in which he discusses his dissatisfaction with previous roles, his park in the upcoming J.C.V.D., and future directorial projects, with such choices quotes as:

My body looks like 30 but my face looks like 50. But I cannot walk bare-chested in the streets.

After 37 movies, I said, "I will never do another movie I would not like." What Mabrouk did to me, it's like Scorsese did to De Niro years ago.

Worth reading if you're interested in why Van Damme turned down both Rush Hour ("I cannot go and do three somersaults. I would feel like a monkey.") and a Street Fighter sequel (sudden dignity?), or just for his lofty J.C.V.D. summary. Plus, this gives me another excuse to post this.

Jean-Claude Van Damme Re-Evaluates Career [MTV]

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