'Lone Ranger' is Getting Brucked

March 28, 2008


Jerry Bruckheimer has a reputation for finding ways to fill any movie with enough star power, CGI, and/or explosions to pander to the unwashed masses, no matter what the subject. But after bringing life to the non-existent ghost-pirate-Disney-ride genre with Pirates of the Caribbean, can even the man often dubbed an "über-producer" revitalize the waning Lone Ranger franchise? I guess we'll find out, as Jerry and Disney have plans to try bringing the masked cowboy to screens.

Bruck has some of his best men (the writers of Pirates) on the script, but trade mag The Hollywood Reporter still doubts the ascotted horseman's viability in modern times, noting such problems as "wearing a mask, using only silver bullets, [and] a creed that includes not killing your fellow man." So apparently the thin line between Batman-level popularity and increasing cultural obscurity is drawn at the ability to kill a werewolf?

Disney preps 'Lone Ranger' remake [Hollywood Reporter]

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