New Cross/Odenkirk Sitcom Picked Up by HBO

March 19, 2008


Long-standing haven for most of television's watchable content, HBO, has officially picked up a new pilot by Mr. Show's David Cross and Bob Odenkirk. From the sounds of it, it will be the next higher-cable entry you'll be tenaciously insisting your friend have to watch.

It’s currently called “David’s Situation” with Cross playing himself. In the show, the comic has quit show biz and is working for inflight magazines. He lives with two roommates in a gated community, each the polar opposite on the political scale - one left and one right. David: “And I’m right in the middle.”

[T]he pair intend to keep the sitcom act break structure and break them up with fake commercials, which will allow the pair to exercise their considerable sketch comedy chops directly.

I can't tell--is this a spoof on the sitcom format or a self-aware attempt at revitalizing it? And more importantly, is it possible for their new fake commercials to top their previous fake commercial for Vaunnies Mustardayonnaise?

Bob and David Officially Returning to HBO [CC Insider]

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