'Plain Jane' Banks Playing Laura Bush in 'W'

March 26, 2008


The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Meet Dave and Meet Bill star Elizabeth Banks is in final talks to portray Laura Bush in W, wacko Oliver Stone's biopic of bumper sticker subject George W. Bush. Aside from my initial shock that "Meet" isn't in the title, I'm surprised and pleased Stone is going with normal, everyday people instead of trying to glam it up, Hollywood style. He could have easily gone with some typical, inappropriate "pretty girl" casting for the First Lady, but instead he's chosen just an average girl with flowing blonde hair, sharp, angular features, and a svelte young figure that, for whatever reason, looks amazing in a tight white tank-top. The actress will join the perfectly ordinary, not at all chiseled-featured, Josh Brolin (playing W.), who was somehow able to marry the beautiful Diane Lane despite his everyday, average-Joe looks.

Elizabeth Banks cast as Laura Bush [Hollywood Reporter]

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