Vaughn Adapting, Attempting to be, 'Kick-Ass?'

March 20, 2008


After having only a single issue reach newsstands, Ain't It Cool News is already reporting that a motion picture adaptation of Marvel Comics' Kick-Ass is being written, and will be directed, by Matthew Vaughn of Layer Cake fame. (See Vaughn's long-gestating Thor movie or his abandoned work on X-Men: The Last Stand for proof of his ability to talk about making comic book movies.) The comic follows an average teenager's attempts to be a superhero in a world much like ours, where superpowers and superheroes are bullshit.

The bigscreen treatment of Kick-Ass comes as no surprise, considering that series creator Mark Millar once bragged of pitching the comic as “Superbad meets Spider-Man.” I assume that Millar decided to pre-package further comic properties for ease of Hollywood executive use after the trailers for his Wanted evoked "The Matrix meets One of the Matrix Sequels." Executives LOVE meetings between two things they've heard of. Just love 'em.

AICN Exclusive! Moriarty Knows Who’s Bringing Mark Millar’s KICK-ASS To The Bigscreen! [Ain't It Cool News]

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