'The Hills' Making Transition to Depressing Movies?

March 28, 2008


Sure, scripted reality of The Hills makes for quality, family home entertainment, will all that texted drama hold up on the big screen? It would seem producers think so, with Hills star Lauren Conrad hinting at as much, slyly holding back her idiot grin as MTV asked if a movie was in the works.

Given the show's inexplicable popularity, I can't say I'm surprised. (That's why we have a Sex and the City movie, right?) But I am a bit surprised that even Hills proponents are a bit apprehensive to the idea of a movie. Observing fictional reality from the sad, growing dent in your couch is one thing, but to actually leave the house for it? That's desperate! As commenter Lauren stated (twice) on the MTV Movies Blog, "I love watching The Hills, and I love Lauren, but a movie?! I think it’s too much…" Not to be one-sided, I offer Myisha's convincing counterpoint: "I will love a Hills movie Lauren do you like Brodey as a boyfriend or a friend." Touché.

Lauren Conrad Says A 'Hills' Movie Has Been Discussed [MTV]

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