'Tropic Thunder' Trailer Assaults You with RDJ's Blackness

March 18, 2008


You may think Ben Stiller is an A-list comedy star who's taken more than his share of execrable roles, and is as guilty as Will Ferrell of expecting us to continually enjoy the same tired schtick. But he's totally not. As this trailer to Tropic Thunder demonstrates, Stiller considers his wacky comedy persona to be perched well above the world of overly-serious actors, action stars, rapper-turned-actors, and his fellow wacky comics, giving him the freedom to lambast them with hammy, painfully obvious satire.

At least the trailer alleviates any concerns about the questionable taste of Robert Downey Jr. playing a white man playing a black man. It's not derogatory, just really tiring after only two-and-a-half minutes.

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