'Wanted' Trailer Continues Quest to be 'The Matrix'

March 6, 2008


As I've mentioned before, I have an open but shameful love of Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. It definitely has its flaws, but I admire it's commitment to cheesecake antics and its resolute defiance in the face of logic and physical laws. (Make no mistake--I still think director McG is a turd.)

From the looks of this second trailer, Wanted tries to get by on the same combination of sex appeal and physics-defying action as Full Throttle, but makes the mistake of trying to rationalize its absurdity. Like The Matrix, the explanation relies on being part of a select group of world-manipulators--or something like that--a skill demonstrated through the usual method of countless slow-motion bullets. Or, to be more precise, slow-motion bullets with the word "goodbye" etched on the side. Because that's totally sweet, right?

Wanted Exclusive Trailer
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